Contemporary Photography: Influences and Relationships

In writing a college research paper, you will need to go beyond merely gathering and organizing information about your topic. You will need to have a point to argue or prove. Choose a topic that is within your interests (SCAD major?) and which you want to learn more about through research and discussion.
Keep the topic as narrow as possible so that you can delve deeply into your subject and not just merely summarize available information. Remember, the objective of the paper is to research a theme or issue in greater depth so as to gain a deeper appreciation for the topic. Choose a topic which allows your own creative input or interpretation.
This statement will guide your research for the final paper. It should focus on a specific aspect of an artist/designer’s work of art/design (NOT an artist’s biography), specific examples of an art/design movement that primarily developed in the late 20th century – early 21st century, centered on an analysis of specific examples or an issue you want to explore.
1- create a beginning sentence that identifies the context of the general topic.
2) create a second sentence that clearly defines the question (issue) to be researched.
3) create a third sentence that suggests the possible methods that will be used in your investigation.
4) consider the basis of your possible conclusion.
Topic: Contemporary photography focuses on free expression and interpretation, non-conforming to conventional constraints of technique. See the impact of abstract expressionism and the connections to shunning formalities and inclusion of social issues.
Wolfgang Tillman and Steve McCurry