Compose a rhetorical analysis of Benjamin Wallace-Well’s The Limits of Political

Compose a rhetorical analysis of Benjamin Wallace-Well’s The Limits of Political Debate.
In this assignment, I am looking for evidence of your ability to write for academic audiences per the instruction you received in a previous first-year writing course. Pages 125 – 130 of Everything is an Argument offer a good overview of what you are expected to do in an essay of this kind. Specifically, I am looking for a demonstration of your ability to:
identity and use key rhetorical conceptss, including
evaluate the effectiveness of a writer’s choices in relation to audience and purpose
summarize and paraphrase
integrate quotes and paraphrases effectively
distinguish between what others say/have said, and what you say
attribute and cite sources, both in the text itself and in through a list of references or a Works Cited
develop an essay logically
this includes breaking up the essay into paragraphs
Please observe the following:
use a proper heading
include an informative title
distinguish between each different claim
where appropriate, cite your sources in either MLA
(Links to an external site.)
or APA
(Links to an external site.)
style (thankfully, the Index provides its sources if you hover over a particular statistic)
refer to Chapter 22 in Everything’s an Argument for further information on proper documentation
proofread and edit for clarity
double-space throughout
don’t quadruple-space between the title and the first line of the essay, or between paragraphs
For a model, see Cameron Hauer’s essay on pp. 121 – 124 in Everything’s an Argument. Also, I use a rubric to evaluate your draft, and you may find it useful to refer to it as you prepare to write and as you write to ensure that you are meeting expectations.