Compose a 2500 words assignment on analysis of business rese…

Compose a 2500 words assignment on analysis of business research methods book by donald cooper and pamela schindler. Needs to be plagiarism free!

The book has numerous chapters that handle different topic related to research in business. Each chapter has related case studies designed to improve the understanding of both students and professionals on the different research methodologies that exist. Chapter one is titled Introduction to Business Research, and in this chapter, the authors offer an introduction to the reasons why business research should be studied. It highlights the relevance of the information and its significance in giving organizations a competitive advantage in the business world.

The authors are keen to introduce the role of research in developing a business strategy as well as in making decisions. An intriguing aspect tackled in this chapter is the hierarchy of information followed by many organizations when making decisions. After offering such an informative introduction, the authors proceed to present a preview of the entire research process. From this review, readers get to understand that, research is not always problem solving based. Qualities of good research are also discussed in this introductory chapter.

In a bid to place emphasis on different research methodologies, four different research studies are presented in this chapter and the type of each research discussed in details (Cooper & Schindler, 2013). Chapter two of the book tackles a significant aspect in research which surrounds ethics. Notably, each field of study has a cord of ethics that researchers must adhere to. Such ethical considerations are critical in promoting the integrity of the research as well as in the development of a favorable relationship between the respondents and the researcher.

More critically, some business researchers have sponsors who provide the funds for carrying out the research. Therefore, a cord of ethics also governs the relationship between the researcher and the sponsor (p. 39). Moreover, researchers rely on the efforts of the members to collect and analyze data. The relationship between the researchers and the team members should also be governed by a defined cord of ethics.&nbsp.