Compose a 250 words assignment on database systems managemen…

Compose a 250 words assignment on database systems management. Needs to be plagiarism free!

There will be new clients who will want to book the hotels in the future (Connolly, & Begg, 2005).The most common data types that are common in the database are the date because there are various date values that will need to be added to the database. There will also be string values. This will be with values like the address of the client, the names, and the destination or career. Another common data types that will be stored in the database is the integer which will be used to store currency values.

There will be a need to store the fees that will be paid by the clients (Prescott, & McFadden, 2007). There will be various reports that will be run on the database. These reports include the number of clients in the hotel I one month or the number of passengers who travelled to a particular country. There could be also a report on the number of patients who were discharged in a certain period (Rud, 2009). There will be integrity constraints. This is because there will be various forms of currencies which will be entered.

The values could be in one currency like the USD to avoid mix up of values. Sometimes the dollars that have been added could not be the actual currency. Some clients could have money in other currencies which are not supported by the system. The database helps the organization gain a competitive advantage as data mining will help understand the trends of the clients. They will act according to their reports. They will understand what the clients want and what is frequented by these clients.