Complete the Unit 2 Journal based on the Unit 2 readings fro…

Complete the Unit 2 Journal based on the Unit 2 readings from Women and Religion and the assigned videos. (Do not use Think! World Religions.)

These are the four required elements for your journal: 

  1. Give at least one quote from the readings (cite author and page number) – if there are multiple sources for readings it is fine to choose a quote from each.
  2. Ask a question of clarification or analysis.
  3. Write a substantial 2 paragraph (meaning at least 7-10 sentences per paragraph as a minimum) response that engages with the ideas and examples, including giving your own supported perspective.
  4. Include a works cited list.

The journal should NOT be a summary of the texts but a thoughtful consideration of some ideas that emerged from the readings.Guidelines: Double-space your submission and attach it as a Word doc. (Do not submit a PDF.) Format it overall so it complies with MLA or APA.

Download the TRS 2243 Journal Assignments Guide for full instructions and example Journal entries to guide your work.

Here are some links that would be helpful in answering these questions.


Here are some articles 

  • As you read, give some thought to your own experiences of privilege or discrimination. Most people who have privilege do not recognize it – understandably – because it masquerades as the norm. It is invisible. Take some time and read over these two kinds of privilege and see what strikes you. I think it is important to talk about privilege in this class in order to demonstrate that some women, as well as men, experience some kinds of privilege.

In your text Women and Religious Traditions, read: 

  • Chapter 5: “Women in Indigenous Traditions.”

Note that every chapter of this text follows a common pattern that explores the changing role of women in the religion, highlights significant leaders and spiritual figures, includes interviews or bios of key women in the religion and discusses the significance of key teachings and ideas in the religion in light of their impact on women. It is helpful to take notes as you are reading (in addition to or instead of highlighting). Pay attention to key terms identified (can you define them?) and also look at the additional resources provided at the end of each chapter.