Civil Liberties

Go to the web site of the American Civil Liberties Union ……..
2. Under your issue, select one and only one of the “current issues” and expand it using the “More +” button. For example, under the first issue, Capital Punishment, the “current issues” are:
Execution MethodsInnocence and the Death PenaltyMental Illness and the Death PenaltyProsecutorial Misconduct and Capital PunishmentRacial Disparities and the Death Penalty
Select one and only of the “current issues” categorized under any one of the main “issues” headings.
This is only to show you an example. Don’t limit yourself to Capital Punishment, but choose from the many available topics.
Do not choose Reforming Police. We are writing on that  topic on one of the discussion boards.
Also, please do not choose abortion policy. It’s an important topic, but off limits for this assignment.
3. Read several articles (at least 4) from your chosen area of the web site.
4. Based on these several articles, write a 600-word paper in essay form which a) summarizes the issue, b) explains the position the ACLU takes on this issue and the work the organization has undertaken, and c) argues whether or not you believe the ACLU is on the right side of the issue.
5. Copy and paste your essay from your document into the text window. Please do not attempt to upload a file or post a link. Check your formatting and correct it as needed before submitting.
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