Central content Democracy and political systems at local, national and EU level.

Central content
Democracy and political systems at local, national and EU level. International and Nordic co-operation. Citizens’ opportunities to influence political decisions at the various levels. Distribution of power and opportunities for influence in different systems and at different levels based on basic models of democracy. Opportunities and challenges with digitalisation when it comes to issues of democracy and politics.
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You will now read, initially about democracy and dictatorship. The page references are to your book Reflex Plus.
Democracy and dictatorship, the UN and human rights as well as international law, You must in a task reflect on what characterizes a democracy and a dictatorship. Also keep in mind that there are countries that are democracies with remarks, so to speak, countries that are heading towards either democracy or dictatorship. Then compare the two states, differences and similarities. You therefore need to reflect on what characterizes democratic countries and what characterizes dictatorships. Use examples from reality, ie countries that are either one or the other or on the way to either democracy or dictatorship. Use these examples as your evidence (evidence from reality) so that you substantiate your reasoning. What about freedom of expression, are there free choices, for example. How do states exercise power, good or evil? Remember to note down your sources and that you have also thought about which source you have used, ie it is a credible source. Why is democracy preferable to dictatorship? Or is it not always so? Motivate your answer. You must also weave this into your report with the UN and human rights. Where in the world do you break these? What is international law?