Case Study / Memo

Please read the case study below and Respond to the management with a memo. Respond to each question and give a suggestion on how the club should proceed.  


Fit 4 Life is a fitness chain throughout the United States. They recently decided to open up four new gyms in Florence, Italy, with the objective of growing the organization globally and establishing an international presence.  

The premise of Fit 4 Life’s strategy is that clients use gyms as a social event. They promote clubs, small groups and large events throughout the month to encourage clients to come together socially as well as to work out. Each club has a general manager and 3-5 fitness instructors who provide support for the clients and the events.  

The organization has decided to use this expansion as a pilot project and if all goes well, they will consider spreading out across Europe and South America. This is a strategic endeavor, so it is important that the organization finds an effective formula to operate successfully in the global arena.  

The organization has hired you to provide consultation on how they should proceed. 

Part 1 (Due at the end of Week 3) – questions to answer in the memo

This assignment allows you to demonstrate mastery of the course outcomes 3 and 4:  

You are part of the HR department. Your supervisor asks you to write a memo to management that explains recruiting, selecting and staffing employees for the new clubs. Some of the questions they would like to see addressed are: 

1. What are the different sources of staffing and which one would be recommended for these new clubs? (Both the general manager and the instructors) 

2. How should recruiting be carried out?3. What kind of selection process should be used?

Please use the resources attached as reference.