Carrie Mae Weems’s Kitchen Table Series established her as one of the leading ar

Carrie Mae Weems’s Kitchen Table Series established her as one of the leading artists of her generation. The series, consisting of 20 carefully staged photographs depicting Weems herself sitting at a kitchen table under a lamp, remains one of the key pieces of the late 20th- and early 21st-century art in Photography.
Weems’s powerful meditation on domesticity and relationships tells the story of one woman’s life as seen through the intimate space of the kitchen, the traditional sphere of women.
Watch the two videos below and complete your reading in the book on Carrie Mae Weems before answering the questions.
This is a Paper, not a questionnaire.
A paper has a title page, a separate Photo page, and proper Citations. I check for plagiarism. Your paper will follow the specific format I have outlined below and in the syllabus.
Title page – name, class, date, title of paper only
Paper – 400 word minimum required not including the title page or citations.
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Answer the following questions in your paper:
What was behind the creation of the Kitchen Table Series and what questions do her images raise in regards to life at home?
How has the artist created the illusion of light within the scene, and what is the effect of light?
Does her work inform us about ourselves? Explain your thoughts
Is there an image of Carries that stand out in your mind?
Describe the reasons for it’s pull on your mind/emotions.
Take an image of a “space” that represent you, Put it on the Photo page?
Describe why this is “your” space.
Note: If the link is broke: Search YouTube for “Carrie Mae Weems”.