book that rocked your world

3 paragraph MLA format

n-Class Midterm Essay
Based on everything you have learned so far this semester; write an essay that addresses the following prompt:

Think of a book that you’ve read in your life that, to speak metaphorically, “rocked your world,” or to speak analytically, conveyed a concept that was new to you. It could be a book from childhood, or from last summer’s beach blanket.
Please discuss the moment of revelation (not necessarily the moment of pure enjoyment). When did it happen? Where were you? Be as descriptive as possible for your readers.
Then, think of an analogy that would convey this moment. Try to be as descriptive as possible. Does the analogy explain the entirety of your experience? Is it lacking in any way?
Finally, discuss how this analogy conveys your overall experience. It is not enough to say that you identified with the characters or that you enjoyed the book because it was fun to read. In doing so, you need to explain the book’s larger significance to your life. Does your choice of book say anything about you?
Suggestions: You might want to think about such logical techniques as identifying, describing, comparing and contrasting. You might also want to think about examining causes and effects, as well as examining the way we classify and define.
You might want to keep in mind the structure of the essays you have been writing for half a semester.