Biography paper – Skilled Papers


Write a paper, one to two pages in length.

Curriculum developers must be aware of their own beliefs about education, learning, and teaching in order to make decisions regarding curriculum design.

The biography paper should explain your life and work experiences, your academic background, and any experience with “curriculum”. Life and work experiences should only be significant events.

Based on your past life experiences and work background, develop a philosophy statement that you would use for curriculum development. Explain how each event help shape your philosophy.

In the paper call yourself by name. The first time you refer to yourself, use your entire name. For subsequent references, use your last name.

please see the following directions and attached paper for an example.
Prepare a title page, abstract with 150 words minimum, conclusion, and reference list (within the last five years, you must have three (3) references to support your position, according to APA guidelines. One to two pages in length (not including title page, abstract and reference list).