As you can see, the questions require critical thought- they simply are not “rep

As you can see, the questions require critical thought- they simply are not “repeat what I memorized†questions. As such, please provide thoughtful detail in crafting your answers. Please ensure you submit at least 1, with a maximum of 2, developed paragraphs per answer.
. Be sure to clearly and accurately explain your work. Your writing should be grammatically correct and reflect collegiate writing standards as stated in the course syllabus. 1. What are characteristics and components of how YOU define health? What is health policy? Why is it important to study and understand the role of health policy as part of a discussion of contemporary healthcare issues?
2. Pick a topic within the field of health/healthcare and provide (and discuss) three specific examples of how policy is relevant to the discussion.
3. Identify and discuss at least three social determinants of health. Provide a rationale for the determinants you choose and how they impact the overall health of an individual.
4. Discuss facts and/or policy considerations you learned from at least three forums or blogs within this course. Why were these forums/blogs the most interesting to you?
5. Discuss at least three concepts/ideas about health that has furthered your knowledge and understanding of contemporary healthcare issues as a result of this course. Be specific.
6. What do you think is the nation’s most important health policy issue? Defend your position: Why do you view this health policy issue as significant?