Approximately 7 double-spaced typewritten pages (no fewer than 6.5 and no more t

Approximately 7 double-spaced typewritten pages (no fewer
than 6.5 and no more than 7.5 pages of
 12-point font only with 1-inch margins all around
 Appropriately cited – for readings from the syllabus you
can use just the scholar(s) last name, year of
publication (and page number if directly quoted material is
used), for example, (Moynihan 2006 or
Smith 2010, 5) in the text is fine. All materials that you
cite in the text of your essay must be fully
cited on a separate, additional reference page (this page is
not included within the limit).
 Directly quoted material must be cited with the author,
date of publication and page(s); this includes
any readings, cases, journal articles, or other literature
that you quote from. Caveat: Points will be
deducted from essays that include lengthy passages of quoted
material—more than two sentences
Budget file Is attached)
You have just accepted a budget analyst position at
Benbrook, Texas. As a budget analyst
you will be working with both the Finance and Budget
Departments. These departments are
responsible for maintaining a governmental accounting and
budgeting system and creating
sustainable financial operations. The Finance Director, Rick
Overgaard, wants you to become
familiar with the budget and financial state of Benbrook. To
start in your new role, you must be
able to understand the specific context of the City of
You are provided the 2021-2022 Adopted Budget in PDF. You
know from your Master
of Public Administration training how to read public
financial documents, analyze a public
budget, and evaluate taxes. Using your acquired skills,
review the budget document to gain
understanding of the finances of the city. The Finance
Director wants you to answer a few
questions upon review of the document. However, you can also
access other government
documents and sources such as prior budget documents, budget
highlights, comprehensive
annual financial reports (ACFRs), mayoral addresses and the
government’s website.
The Finance Director has asked you to answer the following
questions and develop your
findings into an essay that supports your responses. Present
at least one figure, as an appendix to
your essay, that visually displays relevant data to justify
your responses. You must develop an
original figure—do not cut and paste from documents. A
figure could include indicating sources
of tax revenues by fiscal year or a line graph of trends in
debt levels. You should use the
provided 2021-2022 Adopted Budget but can also access other
documents, which must be
DIRECTIONS: As the newly hired budget analyst for Benbrook,
Texas, you are tasked with
developing an essay to address all questions/statements. You
may respond to each below in any
order you consider best to discuss the concepts and issues
of interest fully and clearly. Do not use
section headings but, construct a well-flowing essay with an
introduction, body, and conclusion.
Be sure to also support your findings with at least one figure.
For question three, use and analyze the information in the
Final Exam Tax Data Microsoft
Excel spreadsheet for your response. You should copy at
least one figure in your essay as an
appendix for this question. Your full essay should be no
more than 7.5 pages, not including your
figure and reference page(s). Please submit your modified
Tax Data spreadsheet along with your
essay. The grading rubric follows this list of questions and
attached is the Final Exam Tax Data
Excel spreadsheet.
1. Explain and justify if Benbrook’s core tenets (PDF p. 16)
are reflected in its most recent
budget. What are the identified budget priorities (both high
and low priority areas) of the
currently City Manager in Benbrook, as stated in the Budget
Message? Do the priorities
of the City Manager present any conflicts with the city’s
core tenets?
You may have to use a combination of Session 8-9 file along with the internet
for this question
2. Read over the budgeting phases and process in Benbrook in
the 2021-2022 Adopted
Budget. Compare and contrast Benbrook’s budgeting process
with that of the federal
Use: Session 6 file to assist you
along with internet.
3. In the provided Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, Final Exam
Tax Data, you have been
provided the sales tax data for households. Benbrook has an
additional 2% sales tax
above the Texas sales tax rate of 6.25%. Therefore, the
total sales tax in Benbrook is
8.25%. The City is investigating exempting more food items
from the sales tax to relive
the burden on low-income residents. Currently, 65% of
household food purchases are
exempt from the sales tax. However, low-income families are
still heavily burdened. The
Governor is considering passing a bill that will allow more
food items to be exempt. This
new bill would allow for about 80% of food purchase to be
exempt. However, relief can
also be provided with a tax rebate program. Under this
program, households whose
family income is less than $80,000 per year would receive a
tax rebate of $450 per person
or an amount equal to the sales taxes paid by the household,
whichever is less. This
rebate would be set up as a credit on the state income tax
in which the tax credit is
subtracted directly from the family’s income taxes owed.
However, Texas does not have
a state income tax so the rebate can be applied to the total
sales taxes paid by the
Evaluate the existing tax system which exempts 65% of total
purchases of food, a
proposed system that would exempt 80% of food, and a tax
rebate to determine the likely
effects on horizontal and vertical equity for each selected
household in Benbrook.
Explain which sales tax option is most equitable and why.
You should calculate the sales
taxes paid by each of the typical households and their
respective “effective tax rate” for
each case. (Note: Since the families are of different sizes,
you need a “cost adjustment
factor” for family size to convert family income into
comparable terms. This factor is 1
for the 3-member family and 1.2 for the 4-member family.)
a table and conclusion. Use the Sales Tax example as a guide to complete the
excel file that’s attached PADP 6930 Tax Data
use both Session 9 files to answer this one.
4. What types of debt
are currently held by Benbrook? Has this composition changed in the
past three to five years? Does the City have a high bond
rating? Given the composition of
debt held, how would you suggest a debt policy be
established for Benbrook to demonstrate
a commitment to long-term financial planning?
Session 14 to assist with this answer along with internet