You have been appointed as a CEO of a public-listed company which is ANN JOO RESOURCES BERHAD. You are to identify key financial issues regarding its business situation and performance in the last three years with the aim of coming up with findings / recommendations to the Board of Directors. Key issues could refer to profitability, asset efficiency, liquidity, capital structure, and/or market performance.
The report must include horizontal and vertical financial analysis with a summary of relevant ratios in the last three years. Prepare graphs of trends where applicable.
To have a clear view of the business situation, you need to evaluate the ANN JOO RESOURCES BERHAD’s recent past, current performance and future outlook through processing information contained in company annual reports, the company website, analyst reports, and other business media. Where you are using financial data or information from the literature in your argument, cite the document and page number of the source, and these sources must be acknowledged using Harvard referencing
• Suggested format of your report:
o Brief background of the company
o Analysis of the economic, industrial and business environment with an explanation of strategic implications to company. You are required to adopt a minimum of 2 frameworks (PESTLE, SWOT, 5-Forces etc) for the analysis.
o Financial analysis: horizontal, vertical, and ratio analysis. Analysis must include comparisons with industry averages or a competitor.
o Findings and recommendations from the financial analysis.
o Implementation plan for the recommendations above. Any foreseeable hurdles to smooth implementation should be addressed.
o References: A reference list must be attached with the assignment with at least 10 references. Sources of articles obtain from dubious websites (e.g. Wikipedia, blogs, Tutor’s website,, UK essays, are not recognised as references.
o Appendices: You may include the detail financial statements of the company, or detail explanations of analytical frameworks (SWOT, PESTLE, 5 Forces etc) in this section