Analytical Skills Assignment

For this assignment, you are to choose a recent event/issue that has received wide coverage in the media, and that clearly suggests ethical considerations.  There are different areas covered in this course and exercise (Human Resource Development, Public Administration, and Criminal Justice).  It may be an event in the news, such as some aspect of immigration policy, police shootings, etc.  If you prefer advertising topics, you might analyze a series of ads on one topic.  Your choice should reflect your interest in the topic but needs to be something that has been covered enough to give you material to analyze.  On the other hand, be specific enough so that you dont have huge amounts of material to plow through.  You might even choose an issue currently being covered in the media, and monitor coverage for the available over the course.
With your topic, you are to gather at least 8 10 sources (stories, journal articles, research items).  Analyze media coverage pf your topic, identifying important ethical concerns such as:

Bias, truth, fairness, economic considerations, competition, deception, emotional and rational approach, etc.
Dont forget to also analyze images shown in the photos and videos if that applies.

You will then analyze the ethical issue(s) discernable through media coverage to determine how the policy should be resolved under each of the three main ethical frameworks we will discuss.
Your objective is to recognize ethical issues in actual media coverage; apply critical skills of reason and analysis to an actual ethical issue to a current-day program or problem; tolerate ambiguity in treatment of ethical issues; apply ethical theories to a case study.  Your result may reveal surprising bias in the treatment of the issue.  This assignment will form a 6 to 8-page paper using APA format.  You must also have a title and reference page. 

***My topic for this assignment is on whether the media attention has increased for attacks on police officers or has there actually been an increase on attacks on police officers?***