Analytical Essay on the short story "A very old man wit…

Analytical Essay on the short story “A very old man with enormous wings”

Criteria Format:4-6 pages (suggested page length)Canvas online submissiondouble-spaced; basic margins, format, & heading; 12 pt. font (Arial or Times New Roman)one outside researched source, Works Cited page, and MLA formatMicrosoft Word document only Guidelines:analyze one short story from the syllabus (may analyze 2 but must be by the same author);use formal language (no “I,” “we,” or “you”);audience=informed reader; andresearch and cite from at least one outside source Must use in-text citation Must include a Works Cited page Source(s) must be reliable and valid. Purpose:Analyze one short story, and using a formal voice, at least one outside source, and one critical literary approach, write a literary criticism. Further Criteria: Choose the short story you’d like to discuss and write an argument about the story using one of the critical approaches listed below (and on Canvas). 

Below are some examples to help you understand what a “literary criticism” is (and can be used for your essay). Ensure you indicate which criticism you are discussing in your intro/thesis. **Feel free to look up the approaches for more info on them (as the details below are condensed). DO NOT use Deconstruction, New Historicism, or Reader Response criticisms. Possible arguments (or CHOOSE your own):1. Using historical criticism, discuss how the time period may have influenced the story and its topic(s).2. Using Archetypal (Myth) criticism, discuss the concept of good vs. evil in one story.3. Apply Marxist theory to one author’s work, noting the social class and how it is treated in this work.4. Discuss how the author’s biographical information suggests why they chose to write the story or the meaning behind it (theme).5. Discuss how the gender roles in the story are important to the understanding and outcome of the work’s main idea (theme).