After reading Chapter 3 in Bastable, please respond to the following question by

After reading Chapter 3 in Bastable, please respond to the following question by selecting one learning theory and one group scenario. List five nursing interventions that specifically relate to your selected theory and indicate your rationale for the intervention (e.g. “Intervention: I will ask the group to share their feelings about their ability to lose weight based on their past experiences with weight loss. Rationale: This is consistent with the humanistic learning theory that relies on the individual’s internal feelings about their ability to make wise choices to create a learning environment (Bastable, 2019, p. 97)”)
Select one of the five learning theories discussed in your reading for this week and list at least 5 nursing interventions you would implement that would be consistent with the learning theory for one group of patients. Provide a rationale for why you feel the learning theory you selected is appropriate for your particular situation and the rationale for each intervention:
A group of young woman 20-30 years old who have just given birth within the past 3 months and are anxious to lose the weight they recently gained during their pregnancy. They are all stay-at-home moms and the majority of them are breastfeeding.
A group of 50 – 60-year-old men and women who are hypertensive and want to learn about what it is and how to care for themselves.
A group of 70 – 80-year-old women and some men who have some degree of heart failure but would like to participate in some low impact exercises appropriate for their age and pathology.