Abstract Information technology (IT) services provider Blue Stripe Tech requires US Department of Defense (DoD)-compliant policies, standards, and controls to meet contract requirements. Blue Stripe

Please complete WAN domain part belowAbstractInformation technology(IT)services provider Blue Stripe Techrequires US Department of Defense(DoD)-compliant policies, standards, and controls to meet contract requirements.Blue Stripe Tech security professionals reviewedUS laws andDoD-specificregulationsfor compliant policy development.Industry-standardpolicy frameworks are identifiedand utilized. Information security policy, standards, and controls areestablished and structuredby ITinfrastructure domains. A high-level implementation plan explains policyimplementationand execution.BLUESTRIPE TECH INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYPOLICIES,STANDARDS,ANDCONTROLSWANDOMAIN7. OPERATIONAL POLICY, STANDARDS, CONTROLS1. Section 1Policy1. Standard(s)1. Control(s)2. Section 2Policy1. Standard(s)1. Control(s)3. Section 3Policy1. Standard(s)1. (Control(s)4. Section 4Policy1. Standard(s)1. (Control(s)