A theory or conceptual framework will be developed by the student to provide str

A theory or conceptual framework will be developed by the student to provide structure and show the logic of the literaure review project.
Students are to develop a conceptual map (diagram) of their particular study idea as it applies to the chosen conceptual framework, including concepts and relational statements from the student’s study idea.
Describe the theory or conceptual framework chosen and how it relates to your study idea.
Use this CONCEPTUAL FRAMEWORK WORKSHEET (attached below) to draw out/draft your conceptual framework using the “shape” and “text box” tools under “insert” in Word documents. Later if you wish, you may transfer the elements of your conceptual framework using any technological tool of your choice, so long as it can be captured as an APA style Appendix for your Draft and Final papers.
Save your Conceptual Framework Word file and submit your conceptual framework to the #3 class activity discussion board for peer review and instructor feedback.
Please review at least one peer’s conceptual framework diagram (choose a peer that has not yet received feedback from anyone else).
Provide feedback on the conceptual framework diagram.
Are you able to determine how the elements are related to each other? Why or why not?
Make several suggestions to help your peer adjust their framework to make it more clear, logical and understandable.
Utilize the feedback you receive on your own framework to improve it for the supporting APA style Appendix that you will attach to the Draft ROL due in Week 5.
You must post your main response by Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. ET.
Respond to at lease ONE other student by Sunday at 11:59 p.m. ET.
This assignment is worth 20 points.
My research topic/ PICOT Question: What is the effect of patient mortality on nurse burnout during the covid-19 pandemic?
I will include the matrix with articles i have already found to support the research topic. The concpetual framework worksheet is attached below.