a 3-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in which you ana…

a 3-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in which you analyze your case scenario. Include the following: 

Describe the relationship between behavior and attitudes in this situation. 

Scenario Below

Mike was driving home from happy hour in the dark (after only two drinks), and drove up over a hill in the road, he had only a moment to think when he attempted to swerve after seeing a flash of silver. He felt a bump and heard a loud noise. Immediately he pulled his car over and ran to the side of the road to find a man lying on the pavement still on his bicycle. Mike, panicking, checked the man’s pulse, and in finding one, made the split decision to get in his car and drive away. By the time Mike had gotten home, he had justified in his mind that this was not his fault. The man on the bicycle should not have been riding in the dark, had it been daylight, this would not have happened. He thought to himself, had he stayed and called the police, even though he was not drunk, alcohol might have been smelled on his breath and he could have been charged with drunk driving. This would definitely raise his car insurance rates along with the chance that his license could be revoked, both, which he could not afford! “Why was that idiot riding his bike in the dark???” Mike kept thinking to himself “it was almost like he was asking to be run over!” 

Include at least three references.

Include detailed speaker notes for each slide.