· Introduction: Summarize the specific problem you want to address in yo

· Introduction: Summarize the specific problem you want to
address in your advocacy campaign work this summer:
· What
is the specific problem you want to address? This should be fairly narrow. For example, “accessibilityâ€
is too broad, “College students are facing accessibility issues in college
dorms†is much narrower and far more specific.
· What
is the scope of your project? Scope defines the limits of the project, what
is included and what is excluded, and why.
· Briefly,
what actions are you proposing, and who will your audience be? In other words, what will be the major message
and target audience of your advocacy campaign? List the steps you will take.
· Background: this will be the longest section of your
proposal and it will be based on your research:
· Explain
your problem in detail and show the impact of the issue. The purpose of this section is not only to
provide background information, but also to make an argument that there is a
problem that needs addressing. Why is your problem important to address? What
is at stake?
· What
solutions have been tried?
Are their already programs in place related to your topic? Have they been
effective? Why or why not? How will your proposed action fit in?
· Audience
· Define
the audience(s) for your advocacy campaign: Who will you be trying to reach? You may have multiple
audiences, or just one. Explain in detail who your audience is and why they
will (or should) care about your issue.
· What
do you want your audience(s) to do? Why are they the best audience(s) to take effective action?
What action(s) are you proposing and why?