· Discuss how you know you are improving or failing to improve your comp

· Discuss how you know you are improving or
failing to improve your competency as an interpersonal communicator. If you are improving, discuss what changes
you made to improve your communication competency skills. If you are not improving your communication
competency skills, discuss what changes in your application you could make to
increase your chances of improving.
paper requirements are:
For this paper, cite and reference
your textbook and a minimum of two (2) additional scholarly sources to support
what you write. Since this is a
reflection paper, write the paper in the first, second, or third person.
Paper Requirements:
• Three
(3) pages minimum
format (this includes parenthetical/in-text citations inside the paper)
Cover and Reference pages
• A
minimum of three (3) sources – you may include your textbook as a source. In addition, you must include a scholarly journal and peer or non-peer review articles.