6 mini assignments the course is abq primary education its to qualify teachers t

6 mini assignments
the course is abq primary education
its to qualify teachers to teach k-3
Explore and Respond
The OCT Standards of Practice are guideposts for the career educator. Read the Standards of Practice and consider which of the standards are directly linked to the need for teachers to remain current in their knowledge of educational practices.
Identify the standards and briefly describe the linkage to ongoing professional development.
Post your list of standards and descriptions to the Discussion.
Read your colleagues posts and respond to at least one.
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Group Reflection
How can we use the Standards of Practice to shape the way we teach in the Primary division? Choose three standards and provide examples of how each guides teaching practice in the Primary division.
Post three standards and related examples to the Discussion.
Read your colleagues posts and respond to at least one with comments.
Using Technology
Find two websites about technology in the classroom that would be useful for a Primary teacher. They can relate to any curriculum area or issue that is significant for Primary teachers.
List your two sites and give your reasons for choosing them.
Post your recommended sites and reasons to the Discussion.
Read your colleagues posts and respond with comments to at least two.
Technology for the Primary Classroom
Its a challenge for Primary school teachers to find and use technology in the classroom in ways that enhance teaching and learning. The following articles and websites offer information and strategies regarding the use of technology in the Primary classroom:
Rethinking Assessment
7 Smart Ways to Use Technology in Classrooms by Hailey Reissman, from TED Ideas
50 Ways to Integrate Technology
13 Simple Ways to Integrate Technology into any Lesson Plan
Select one technology from the list that you think would be effective in the Primary classroom. Identify the advantages and challenges associated with integrating this technology.
Post your chosen technology and analysis to the Discussion.
Read your colleagues posts and respond to at least two.
Social Media and Digital Citizenship
Explore 20 Inspiring Educators to Follow on Twitter in 2019 and review a selection of them. Check out Doug Petersons site for blogs by Ontario Edubloggers.
Find a blog that resonates with you, or choose a Twitter account or Twitter hashtag that interests you. Would this information be helpful for Primary teachers who are looking for innovative ways to integrate information and communication technology? Why or why not?
Now, think about digital citizenship. Briefly (250 words) describe what it is and who is responsible for teaching it.
Post a link to an educational blog and your description of digital citizenship to the Discussion.
Learning from our Ancestors
Take a look at a few subsections of Four Directions Teachings, a multimedia website.
Reflect on the teachings of one or more of the First Nations represented on the above website. Briefly respond to the following questions:
What parallels can you draw to the teaching and learning you do?
What can we learn from First Nations elders?
How can educators benefit from this wisdom?
How can teachers ensure the varied life-experience of FNMI students is honoured and respected in the classroom?
Post your responses to the Discussion.
Inquiry-Based and Problem-Based Learning
Primary teachers must understand the importance of co-constructing the learning environment and how this supports childrens learning. Critical pedagogy is committed to curriculum design that draws on students inquiry questions, passions, and interests.
Read the following articles on inquiry-based and problem-based learning:
Problem Based Learning in Teacher Education
Inquiry-based Learning
Leading inquiry at a teacher level: its all about mentorship
Teaching as inquiry
Reflect on your understanding of how your students learn and how you learn as an educator. How can we support the multiple ways of knowing? How can we create inclusive and vibrant learning environments that reflect the Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession and the Standards of Practice for the Teaching profession?
ok…those are my 6 mini assignments