5 – 8 paragraph third person MLA appropriate poetry analysis paper. How the lite

5 – 8 paragraph third person MLA appropriate poetry analysis paper. How the literary poetic elements are utilized by the author to support one of the themes in the poem. Find an outside source to support the analysis and incorporate into the essay. The poem selected is The Supremes, by author Cornelius Eady.
Here is a blurb from a discussion post wrote earlier about the poem:
The poem criticizes what society has allowed to happen and continues to allow to happen in our educational system. The word ‘we’ is used throughout the poem and speaks for all the children in the system, lumping everyone together, no originality needed or wanted, in the school system. WE are all limited by the system that raises us up. We are encouraged to do no more than what is needed to be average. He alludes to how parents see what is going on and turn a blind eye to it. Bullying is brought up and then left right there, again showing it is an obviously acceptable normality in schools. Eady brings to light many of the unacceptable ‘norms’ in our broken education system, from teachers to parents and everyone in between.
The element of rhyme is not used in this poem. It is a free verse poem which goes against all the rules and regulations usually set forth for poetry. Eady is doing with his words what he does in real life, going against the rules set by society. He does use repetition with the use of the word we to drive home the point that no one in the school system is looking for originality and that children are conditioned to be average and dull. He also uses the word scream twice but for different reasons. It is to show that the children are still looking for something, a need not met, they want to break away from the monotony of what their life is. The way Eady puts his words together in the beginning, middle and end of the poem make me mad at a system that did not teach me, does not teach my children, and most likely will still not meet the needs of my grandchildren when it comes to life and really living it. I am frustrated that we are taught to be mediocre at best for nearly 18 years of our lives, unless we have the incredible blessing of teachers who teach outside the proverbial box.