1. Design a program that analyzes the time spent during physical education c

1. Design a program that analyzes the time spent during physical education classes and recess in a local elementary school with a 30% obesity rate and make recommendations for how to increase the level of physical activity during those times in an effort to reduce this statistic. This project should include an analysis of equipment, student numbers, how teacher time is spent, time children are in motion vs. sedentary, etc. and how each will be assessed. In addition, an analysis of the school lunch options is required. Following this analysis, students should make detailed recommendations for what they would change to improve food options for children. This should include an analysis of nutrients using nutrition software, cost of meals, preparation facilities, etc.
2. As detailed on the attached grading rubric, please include a title page, introduction, body, and anticipated conclusion(s) using a minimum of 5-7 in-text citations, all of which need to be listed in your reference list using APA style. Please focus on what is novel (new) about your personal “creative” ideas and how they fit within APUS School of Health Science program objectives. Please explain how your unique concepts and philosophies might potentially fill in any “gaps” in the current literature while considering why a potential funding source might provide financial support for your creative ideas as compared to other proposals.
3. Please select a creative idea for your capstone and submit a 3-5 page proposal for preliminary topic approval by your instructor. Please note that the list of suggested topics in the “Resources” folder are just that – suggestions to help you start brainstorming!