1.Abstract (100words) 2.Problem Statement (150 words) about the paper

1.Abstract (100words)
2.Problem Statement (150 words) about the papers given in the attachments
3.Literature review ( 3 papers should be summarized into maximum 150 words each + provide table or figure explain the literature review) , make sure to put subtitle for each paper above it.
4.Proposed solution for each paper ( 300 words + provide pictures that gives more understanding)
5. Conclusion And Summary (100 -120 words)
References and citations should be in IEEE word format.
Table or figure should be cited with a caption explain the figure or table.
Please check the requirements for more info. Report maximum pages is 3 pages only (with references 4 pages)
pillgarism should not be over 5 %
Report Structure:
• 1 to 3 pages.
• Font size: 12 for all the text, Bold for the titles.
• Font name: Times New Roman.
• Line and paragraph spacing: “1.5”.